Friday 27 December 2013

20 Best Films of 2013 - Part One

So I may have been very lazy this year in terms of my writing, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t still seen a hell of a lot of films, both new and old, and it would be a shame not to share my recommendations. Condensing a whole year of releases down to just the best 10 was too difficult, so I have ended up with a top 20 of the year (only counting films with a UK release in 2013), alongside a top 10 of first time viewings for films released in previous years, which I will post in a few days time. So here we go, the best films of 2013, based purely upon my own opinion:

20. Kick-Ass 2More of the same, which is exactly what I wanted. If over the top comic-book violence and twisted humour is your thing, then Kick-Ass 2 is an absolute riot.

19. Before Midnight The third part of the 'Before' trilogy is a beautiful finale to a tantalising love story, once again Richard Linklater has delivered, and fans of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset will not be disappointed.

18. About Time Richard Curtis' charming and witty tale of a man who uses the ability to travel back in time to enhance and perfect his relationship with the woman of his dreams was a refreshing take on the quintessentially British Romantic comedies he is usually associated with.

17. Behind the Candelabra A phenomenal performance from Michael Douglas as the infamous pianist Liberace and Matt Damon as his gay lover makes Steven Soderbergh's supposed last film a joy to watch.

16. Philomena - Steve Coogan proves he has some serious acting chops as a journalist uncovering the truth about a woman whose son was taken from her during her time in an Irish convent.

15. What Richard Did Gritty Irish drama about a group of teenagers and a life-changing incident that is shocking, powerful, and very moving

14. The Conjuring James Wan pays homage to a number of horror classics in this excellent haunted house flick which left audiences hiding behind their popcorn

13. Sleep Tight - One of those films that genuinely gets under your skin, Sleep Tight is not for the faint-hearted, but this unsettling Spanish thriller about a man living unnoticed in a woman's apartment is a masterpiece of suspense.

12. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Peter Jackson's second instalment to The Hobbit trilogy is an awe-inspiring feat of technical wizardry that will leave any fan of Tolkien's world spellbound.

11. RushThe incredible true story of the rivalry between Formula One race drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt is brought to the big screen by Ron Howard in this first rate drama.

For the top ten of the year, part two is right around the corner here...

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