Monday 19 July 2010

New Release - Toy Story 3

When it comes to kids films I'm usually the last in line but the prospect of a new Toy Story was a chance I couldn't miss, Pixar have mastered the difficult task of creating films that entertain all generations, and I had been eagerly anticipating a third film since the credits rolled on Toy Story 2 back in 1999. The first one hit the big screens when i was just eight years old and I have grown up with Andy, watching his toys run amok every time he closed his bedroom door, and becoming completely absorbed in the crazy situations they have encountered. 

We join Woody and Co. a few days before Andy packs up his belongings and heads off to college, misplacing his toys who end up donated to a children's daycentre instead of being packed away in the attic. It is down to Woody to convince the toys they haven't been abandoned and return them safely back home whilst avoiding crazy children, tyrannical toys and terrifying trash compactors along the way. 

Whilst the story remains fairly similar to the previous films, the introduction of a wealth of new characters (along with everyone's old favourites) adds to the enjoyment with comic characters such as an eccentric hedgehog, Mr Pricklepants, and the introduction of a hilarious romance between Barbie and Ken fleshing out the storyline with a healthy dose of humour. The eagle-eyed amongst you may even spot a character from one of Miyazaki's movies appearing in a young girls bedroom, a subtle nod to one of the greatest animators of all time.
One of the highlights of the film arrives after the credits have rolled with an alternative rendition of a memorable song from the first Toy Story, making it essential to stay in your seat right until the lights come up. It is also imperative that you arrive on time, as is usual with Pixar films you are treated to a short animation before the main feature and 'Night and Day' is definitely up there with the best of them, giving the audience a taster of the sheer brilliance they are about to behold. 

Toy Story 3 is an emotional ride; much like in Pixars recent releases Up and Wall-E, it is surprising how affecting a cartoon can be, with a number of poignant moments that will overwhelm even the most cynical of viewers.  Even though the human characters only have minor roles in the story, the few lines they do have will resound deeply with everyone, and the mixture of characters at different points in their lives means that there will be a part of the story that relates directly to you on a personal level. It's not just about throwing out the old toys anymore, its about the process of growing up and those that have followed the story from its first incarnation will be saddened by the reminder that their own childhood has passed.

Captivating from start to finish, Toy Story 3 is a triumphant reminder of Pixar's ability to blow all your expectations out of the water and in doing so they have delivered what could possibly be considered their greatest film to date. Essential viewing for everyone, Toy Story 3 is an unmissable extravaganza that is almost guaranteed a best picture nomination at next year's Oscars ceremony. Book your tickets right now, you would be a fool to pass up the chance to catch  the final part of the trilogy in its full cinematic glory.


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