Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Films That Deserve your Attention - La Antena

This homage to silent films is a visually stunning Argentinian fantasy that harks back to the golden era of cinema when actors were seen but not heard. Film fans will enjoy recognising the scenes taken from famous movies by auteurs such as Chaplin, Lang and Lynch, whilst those unversed in cinema will still be mesmerised by the fantastical world that Esteban Sapir has created.

In a city without a voice, an evil villain controls its people by using the only TV station to broadcast hypnotic images that subdue the speechless population. A tight-knit family become unintentionally involved in a sinister plot after uncovering Mr TV's evil plans of domination, and soon become embroiled in a number of perilous situations.

I am genuinely surprised by the lack of people I've encountered who have seen this wonderful film, it is clearly the director's love letter to cinema but far from being the pretentious mess it could have been La Antena transcends its influences to bring fresh ideas to a forgotten genre. With The Artist currently winning over the festival crowds, I'm excited for the future of silent films as sometimes acting can be far more powerful and heartfelt when  words are replaced by a fitting score. I cannot recommend this film highly enough, and if anyone has seen any films that are even remotely similar I would be very interested in hearing from you.