Friday, 12 March 2010

New Release - The Blind Side

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of sports movies, however, the past couple of years has seen great films such as Invictus and The Wrestler, both showing how sports can be an integral part of a captivating story, and reigniting my passion for older classics such as Rocky and The Hustler. Unfortunately, The Blind Side fails to compete with any of these films, despite being based on true events and receiving two (undeserved) Oscar nominations. Following the journey of a neglected teenager who learns the true values of friendship and family, whilst playing some American Football on the way, this is a film riddled with clichés and fairly average performances - I cannot comprehend how Sandra Bullock won the Best Actress nomination - that somehow manages to entertain despite these problems.

We have all seen film like these before, and The Blind Side brings nothing new to the table. Michael Oher, the young boy in question, is a homeless teenager with a troubled past who is kindly taken in by the Touhy family, where he soon becomes one of the family. Although he shows no talent for football, his size means that Michael is soon singled out to be the team’s blocker, and eventually learns that his team are his family and he must care for them just like he cares for the Touhy family.

I can see many people enjoying this film; it’s an easy watch, suitable for all ages and delivers a message, but to me, this is its downfall. My favourite movies tend to be edgy, controversial films that offer something original whereas the only positive way I can describe The Blind Side is to say that it was pleasant.

I wasn’t bored, but I certainly wasn’t entertained either. No doubt the huge publicity surrounding the film since the Oscar winners were announced will guarantee its success but I still can’t imagine that it will inspire British children to grab an American football and hit the fields when its released on March 26th.


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