Thursday, 17 November 2011

Jameson Cult Film Club - Back to the Future

When I heard the news that Jameson Cult Film Club were preparing a Back to the Future night in Manchester I was ecstatic. Having attended two of their events previously (Aliens & Control) I couldn't believe my luck that one of my favourite films was getting the Jameson treatment right down the road from where I live, as Doc would say; 'Great Scott!' As soon as the box office opened I applied for tickets and was delighted when I received my invite to the Enchantment under the sea dance, the event would be taking place in Manchester Town Hall and the interior was going to be redecorated to resemble the high school disco where Marty Mcfly introduced his parents to a stunning rendition of Johnny B Goode.

On arrival I was very impressed to see a Delorean parked outside the Town Hall Venue, its slightly dated but still futuristic style seeming very out of place in its surroundings. A number of setpieces from the film were re-enacted for those in the queue whilst we waited to enter, with the actors doing a great job of recreating some of the most infamous scenes in Back to the Future, and causing a number of puzzled looks from unsuspecting passers-by.

It was soon time to enter the Town Hall and we were greeted by a number of hosts laden with trays of delicious Jameson cocktails, which went down far too easily, especially considering the first two were freebies. In the bar there was a chance to grab hotdogs and popcorn as well as the opportunity to take photos of Marty's infamous Nike trainers before heading in to the disco.

Lined with gold streamers and complete with giant starfish and seahorses, the hall looked amazing and instantly transported the crowd to George Mcfly's prom. After settling down to enjoy the screening the scene was set when the actors performed one last part of the film, a certain incestuous moment - now there's not many PG films that can get away with that.

From the moment the film began, the crowd was completely enraptured although I knew it wouldn't be long before the crowd participation kicked in; in the Jameson's screening of Aliens I attended, the audience went wild whenever Hudson muttered one of his infamous lines, so I was anticipating loud cheers as people loosened up and the alcohol began kicking in. One of the best feelings for a film fan is knowing that you're in a room full of people who share the same passion as you whilst watching one of your favourite films and cheering along at key parts. With the drinks flowing, everyone got into the swing of things pretty quickly and my personal highlight was the uproar when George McFly knocked Biff for six as the jovial cheers and foot stamping echoed throughout the town hall.

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