Thursday, 27 October 2011

Films That Deserve Your Attention - Bad Boy Bubby

This dark trip into the mind of a mentally handicapped man who has never set foot outside of his home due to his parent's manipulative ways does not make for light viewing. At first appearances you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a post-apocalyptic movie due to the reason behind Bubby's confinement in a two bedroom slum but Bad Boy Bubby is difficult to classify and is rife with twisted humour and unexpected plot developments that constantly push the boundaries of cinema. We follow Bubby as he takes his first steps outside the confinements of his home only to be confronted by strange new surroundings that intrigue and astound him in equal measures.

There are some sick and twisted minds at work here but they have created a visceral experience that is unlike any film I have ever seen before. The brutal acts of depravity often blur the line between black comedy and extreme cinema but all serve a purpose in the portrayal of the cruel environment that Bubby was brought up in. Fans of bizarre and offbeat films need to see Bad Boy Bubby; there is nothing quite like it and it may even become one of your favourite films.